Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I picked Jan (Pelicangal) up at the Atlanta airport at 7am Wed. morning and we were off to GDerr's house! Meeting the Derr's was like walking into "Family"! The welcomed us with open arms, lots of hugs and kisses...Southern Hospitality at its finest!Gary and Clare live about an hour and a half east of Atlanta in Columbus, Ga, in a beautiful Southern mini-mansion in the historic part of town. They took us around the neighborhood to see all the beautiful homes in their area...It was amazing!

Gary and Clare
Jan (Pelicangal)
Clare's Salad
Clare made this gorgeous salad!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well, Miss Marley Poo is growing taller! She has a habit of following me and bumping me in the back of the knees. It hits this nerve that almost sends you to the floor! I think, she thinks its funny! She is a pretty good girl! (Danny says...She's a puppy but they are not HIS shoes!) So...she remodels all my flipflops! Ummm, Maybe my fault, shouldn't leave them out, I know! She has a stubborn streak! She gets to hunting moles or bugs...her nose turns ON ...and her ears turn OFF! Quite irritating when she gets near the road(dead end, don't worryso much) and I can scream my head off! Darn Deaf Dog! So when I finally corral her back into the house....I lit every stinky candle in the house! Smell that Muttso! Teehee! Here are her new pics...